Unaccompanied (Solo) Clarinet

Caravan, Ronald L.
Five Duets for One Clarinetist

Seesaw Music Corp.
Very challenging music that requires the player to hum/sing one line as they play the other on the clarinet.

Carter, Elliott

Hendon Music, Boosey & Hawkes
A challenging modern work that employs some extended techniques.
Grade 7

Kovács, Béla
Hommages à

Johann Sebastian Bach
Niccolo Paganini
Carl Maria von Weber
Claude Debussy
Manuel de Falla
Richard Strauss
Béla Bartók
Zoltán Kodály
Aram Khatschaturian

Although this is somewhat of a collection, I decided to include it here, as this is a book of pieces that are not sold separately (to my knowledge).  Kovács does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of every composer he includes. In fact, these are so well-written that you may be fooled into thinking that they are original works by the composers to which Kovács paid hommage!  These unaccompanied pieces are an absolute delight and challenge to learn and are all performance-worthy. Some are for clarinet in Bb and some for clarinet in A.
Grade 6+

Sutermeister, Heinrich
for unaccompanied Clarinet in A

A very interesting and enjoyable piece to learn and play, the Capriccio requires precise rhythmic accuracy and flexibility of tempo and style by the performer. The time signature changes frequently; in fact, there is a new time signature nearly every measure for most of the piece! It may sound daunting, but the music practically plays itself and the meters are nothing to fear.  With ever-changing tempos and dynamics, the Capriccio is fascinating to both the performer and the listener. Sutermeister plays with two main ideas, intertwining them after their main introductions, essentially joining the two personalities of the piece into a conversation. Although somewhat technical, the lines fall under the fingers quite nicely. Without a key signature, the hardest part of this piece is reading through all the accidentals, but once learned, the Capriccio will prove itself to be worthy of the time spent learning it.