Grade 7 Solo Clarinet with Accompaniment

Berg, Alban
Vier Stücke für Klarinette und Klavier, Op. 5


DETAILS/COMMENTS: Premiered in 1919, this modern atonal work includes a variety of rhythms and ideas and a large amount of very soft playing. This piece is written as a duet with the piano. A German dictionary would be of immense help in learning this work.

Martinû, Bohuslav

Alphonse Leduc, Paris, 1957

Details/Comments: ca 14′  Range to altiss G
A technically difficult modern piece with mixed meter, tricky rhythms, and challenging ensemble. The first movement (moderato) is in ABA form, beginning with a lovely melodic material that progresses into a challenging technical passage, then a flowing middle section. It segues into movement two (andante), which is very sustained. Attacca into the third movement (poco allegro), which is delightfully playful and bright in character.
Great recital piece.
*Personal Favorite