Grade 1 Solo Clarinet with Accompaniment

Langenus, Gustav
Six Easy Solos for the Bb Clarinet
II. Lullaby

Carl Fischer, New York

Details/comments: range low B to chalumeau A
A very simple but lovely solo in 2/4 time, perfect for a young clarinetist’s first solo piece. The range is very limited so the player can focus on the expressive qualities of this sweet tune. Rhythms are limited to quarter notes and eighth notes.


Schumann, Robert
transcribed by Henry W. Davis

Melody, Op.68, No.1

Rubank, Chicago 1922
Details/comments: Duration ca. 1′; Range Chalumeau G to Clarion A.

Intended for development of tone and interpretation of the beginning clarinetist. Quarter and eighth notes at quarter note = 108. Plenty of places to get a good breath allows the young player to work on phrasing.