Grade 3+

Recital Clarinetist

ed. Ben Armato
Clarinet and Piano
Wagner, Richard; ed. Carl Baermann –Adagio for Clarinet
Cavallini, Ernsto-Adagio-Tarantella (abridged version)
Verdi, Giuseppe-Andante, from La Forza del Destino
Weber, C.M.von- Introduction, Theme, and Variations
Schumann, Robert-Fantasiestücke
Mouquet, Jules-Solo de Concours    
Rabaud, Henri-Solo de Concours 
Solo Clarinet (unaccompanied)
Stravinsky, Igor-Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet    

Orchestral Excerpts from the Symphonic Repertoire, VOL I-VII

ed. by Robert McGinnis (Vol I-III)                                                               International Music Co.
ed. by Stanley Drucker (Vol V-)

These collection books are essential for any advanced student studying the clarinet. These collections include all the standard orchestral repertoire solos and some of the more challenging material found in orchestra music. A great study even for students who do not plan to be orchestra players.

von Weber-Grand Duo Concertant, Op. 48
von Weber-Variations, Op. 33
Schumann-Fantasy Pieces, Op. 73
Brahms-First Sonata, Op. 120, No. 1
Brahms-Second Sonata, Op. 120, No. 2.

Compiled and edited by Himie Voxman – Rubank Inc.Music Pub.

Mozart- Adagio from “Concerto for Clarinet”
Miskow– Allegretto Fantasia
Brahms– Allegretto Grazioso from “Sonata in F Minor”
Gabucci– Aria and Scherzo
Gade– Ballade
Pierne– Canzonetta
Gliere– Chanson
Schumann-Fantasy Piece
Mozart– Menuet from “Divertimento in D”
Bassi– Nocturne
Verhey– Nocturne
Delmas– Promenade
Becker– Romance
Bergson– Scene and Air from “Luisa di Montfort”
Koepke– Scherzo in C Minor.